• Fernandes, R.S., Williams J.L., Gonzalez-Valladolid S., Muaves L. & Pereira M.A.M. P (2018). Monitoring, tagging and conservation of marine turtles in Mozambique: Annual report 2017/18. 36 pp. Maputo, CTV. Available here: Anual-report-Turtles-2017-18-EN or Portugues Relatorio-anual-Tartarugas-2017-18


  • Natalie E Wildermann, Christian Gredzens, Larisa Avens, Héctor A Barrios-Garrido, Ian Bell, Janice Blumenthal, Alan B Bolten, Joanne Braun McNeill, Paolo Casale, Maikon Di Domenico, Camila Domit, Sheryan P Epperly, Matthew H Godfrey, Brendan J Godley, Victoria González-Carman, Mark Hamann, Kristen M Hart, Takashi Ishihara, Kate L Mansfield, Tasha L Metz, Jeffrey D Miller, Nicolas J Pilcher, Mark A Read, Christopher Sasso, Jeffrey A Seminoff, Erin E Seney, Amanda Southwood Williard, Jesús Tomás, Gabriela M Vélez-Rubio, Matthew Ware, Jessica L Williams, Jeanette Wyneken, Mariana MPB Fuentes (2018) Informing research priorities for immature sea turtles through expert elicitation. Endang Species Res 37:55-76. 





  • Pereira, M. A. M., C. Litulo, R. Santos, M. Leal, R. S. Fernandes, Y. Tibiriçá, J. Williams, B. Atanassov, F. Carreira, A. Massingue & I. Marques da Silva (2014). Mozambique marine ecosystems review. Final report submitted to Fondation Ensemble. 139 pp. Maputo, Biodinâmica/CTV. (access here: Mozambique_Marine_Review_Final_12-01-2014)



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