33rd International Sea Turtle Symposium- Baltimore, USA.

Tomorrow kicks off the first offical day on the program for the 33rd International Sea Turtle Symposium. Up on the program is 5 fun and fascinating full days of research, conservation, policy and management themed talks, along with some less serious stuff (film festival, auction night, student mixer and banquets).

I’ll be presenting our newest and first-ever turtle results from a review of some citizen science datasets that were collected by many of our friends and colleagues in Tofo and Barra. Although the purpose of the presentation is more about evaluating methods and future ways to improve data collection techniques, it will be the only presentation at the symposium from Mozambique!

turtle density map

Here is a little sneak peak of some of the data that I will be presenting on Wednesday morning: Pictorial depiction of turtles encountered and reported on dives by recreational divers/citizen scientists and dive industry staff for dive sites around Praia do Tofo.

Looking forward to a busy but productive week of learning, sharing, networking and making new turtle friends!

Tchau for now- Jess

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