World Sea Turtle Day

World Turtle Day celebrations- Praia do Tofo.

IMG_3002IMG_3033 IMG_3005


Fourty Five students from local primary school at Babalaza were given a introduction to sea turtles presentation. Children were quizzed on talk content and split in to groups to see which group could remember the most facts from the presentation. Key emphasis was made unique facts of the turtles biology and behavior to help inspire stewardship of our local nesting sea turtles.


IMG_3078 IMG_3034 DSCN3545

At Kingfisher International Primary School students participated in various classroom activities throughout the week leading up to World Turtle Day on May 23rd.

DSCN3502 DSCN3508 DSCN3503 DSCN3504

After viewing a documentary illustrating the journey of a loggerhead sea turtle from hatchling to maturity the students then joined together to paper mache a life sized model of a sea turtle.

DSCN3606 DSCN3605

The Kingfisher students will work together throughout the upcoming weeks to finish adding layers of paper mache to the turtle and then painting it.

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