Loggerhead turtle in gillnet 25/11/2015


Release and rescue effort of an endangered large adult male loggerhead turtle which unfortunately drowned in a gillnet set off Praia de Rocha point, Inhambane Province, Mozambique on 25/11/2015. Footage of the rescue effort was kindly supplied by Alexandra Patane and Ole Siegfried. Well done to all involved Katie Elizabeth Reeve-Arnold, Ross Newbigging James Denis Cross and Peri Peri Divers.

Gillnets and drift nets are responsible for very high rates of turtle mortalities in Mozambique and along the East African Coast, however data on the rates of capture and subsequent death and/or release are not well documented within the WIO region. Turtles are long lived and reach sexual maturity at a late age (30 yrs or more), with populations regionally facing an array of anthropogenic pressures, the loss of any sexually mature turtle is devastating to the survival of this and other sea turtle species. Yesterday (25th Nov 2015), with the help of many others, I happened to be able to document first hand the impacts of such an unsustainable fishing technique.

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