The 2014/15 nesting turtle season- national review





The winter is amongst us, the days are short, it’s cold at night and the nesting turtles are nowhere to be seen. This is the time of year where the few of us sea turtle conservation biologists in Moz get together (in the collaborative electronic sense, thank you email!), get out our abacuses and tally up the numbers from the recent nesting turtle season.

So here, in brief I present to you some of the key numbers and facts from the past season from across the country in the style thats a bit easier to digest, an infographic. If you would like to stimulate your brain and read some of the finer details the full report is available here in English or Portuguese.

New to the report this year is a section on recently published research and some direction/ future plans we, the authors would like to see for the upcoming season.





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